Friday, March 23, 2007

One of the sexiest videos of me

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I hope u will like it! wink wink
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Friday, March 2, 2007

Feet fetish

Ever wanted to worship cute feet suck those little toes. This is one of my favourite fantasies. Oh yeah. It DOES turn me ON.
All ur dreams come true here. See you soon!

MMMM Massage

What do u think about massage? Well what about me I like it both giving and getting massage. Here are some thoughts about giving relaxation to your friend ;) I hope u find it useful. For advices about giving more naughty kin of massage feel free to contact me at my site.

How to give a massage to release tension, and relax someone. Your special person had a rough day, and needs a massage, but you are not sure how. Maybe you have tried in the past to relax someone with a massage, but by the time they felt relaxed your hands and arms ached. Learn how to give a relaxing massage with out the aches transfering to you.

Start by applying lotion to your hands. Be liberal, don't worry if it doesn't all soak in, you don't want it to. Your hands should be able to slide across the skin, not drag across it. It is helpful if you can warm the lotion to at least room temperature before starting. Placing the jar, or bottle of lotion in a large bowl of very hot water for about 5 or 10 minutes will warm it.

Have them remove their shirt and any jewelry they might be wearing. You of course have already taken off any rings and watches you might be wearing. Drape a warm towel over their shoulders. You can warm a towel quickly in the dryer. This will help keep them from getting chilled. Soft music and soft lighting is helpful if you are trying to get them to relax, but is not a must.

You will find it easier if they are laying face down, but you will need to be able to move around them, so the floor, or the bed are the best places for them to be.

Lightly smooth your fingertips over the forhead and down the cheeks, you want to end up at the jawline. Repeat several times and then continue the stroke down the jaw towards the ear. You will bring your fingertips together at the back of the neck. Repeat several times, until they become comfortable with your stroking your hands and fingers over their face, and towards the neck. If at any point your partner says that you are digging in too deep then your are not being gentle enough. Massage should not hurt, it should relax the muscles.

Place your thumbs together over the base of the skull, extend your fingers until you are touching just behind the ears. Move your fingers in a circular pattern, the smaller the circles the better. You will be gradually bringing your fingers in towards your thumbs. Repeat several times, each time moving your thumbs down a short distance (about half the width of your thumb).

Run your thumbs down the neck, from the base of the skull to the back of the shoulders. Gently rub your fingers in a circular motion over the sides of the neck. If you feel any tension keep repeating until the muscles are relaxed.

Repeat on the tops of the shoulders using small circular motions that bring your fingers in closer to the spine. Now stroke your fingers from the sides of the neck down and over the tops of the shoulders. If you need to apply more lotion, to keep your hands from draging skin, then apply to your hands before touching them.

Work your hands down the shoulder blades rubbing gently with your fingertips in a gentle circular motion. Repeating until you feel the tension releasing. Gently rub in your circular motion down the center of the spine working out about one to two inches on either side.

Your partner should now be feeling much better and more relaxed. Your hands should be pain and ache free. Maybe now your partner will offer to give you a massage :).

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cuty bootie

Thong song
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Let me introduce myself =)

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome to the blog

Hi, my name's Auri.
Some might call me a goddess, some might call me a friend. If we get to know each other u can decide which way I can be to you.